How to create a tribute

Basically create a page, name it the name of your tribute,and describe them.Basically their name, district, Weapon of choice,appearance (lunaii and RL would help).Plus backstory.It's optional but would help a lot.

Hor to create a Hunger Games.

Basically you will choose the district's that are there (C,0-14)and then  you should create a section on your page where people will write ,if they go to the cornucopia or not,If they fight or flee,you know all that stuff.Then on your BLOG not page,You will choose the outcome of their choices based on the strengths and weaknesses.And post it and write it in anyway you want.

How to get started

You should start by making your first tribute,And waiting until there are open spots in any hunger games.When there is an opening,You should comment your link to your tribute .And you can have an unlimited amount of tributes. 

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